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Halal Sausage Products

Unity Brand Halal Products specializes in making a variety of halal sausage that consists of spices and a southern taste inspired by the African-American culture and experience.

UNITY BRAND HALAL SAUSAGE RETAIL PRICE (per lb) (Price is subject to change)

Beef Sausage Links $3.99
Beef Rope Sausage $3.99
Beef Italian Sausage $3.99
Beef Smoke Sausage $3.99
Turkey Sausage Links $3.95
Turkey Rope Sausage $3.95
Turkey Smoke Sausage $3.95
Chicken Sausage Links $3.95
Chicken Rope Sausage $3.95
Lamb Sausage $4.99
Veal Sausage $4.99
Fish Sausage Links $4.89
Fish Rope Sausage $4.89

Sausages can be purchased as links or patties with “mild” or “hot” seasoning.

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